LPG Operations in Port

GTSS combines the NMCI’s state-of-the-art facilities (including a 17 bridge simulator suite and survival pool) with GAC’s global reach and 50 years of shipping experience. Courses can take place at the NMCI or at the client’s location.

Our bespoke GTSS courses are tailored to suit the particular training requirements of maritime companies and groups. Clients from the all areas have worked with us to develop customised training on our state of the art marine simulators. We can also provide a suite of courses for companies looking to train their employees in numerous maritime short courses.

Courses are developed and delivered by some of the most respected names in maritime training.


For further information about our Petrochemical, Oil and Commodities courses:
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LPG Operations in Port

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Whether you are a newcomer to the LPG industry, or already in the industry in need of a refresher, GTSS has developed this 2-day course to provide an overview of the most critical parts of the shipping and distribution of LPG

Full Description:

The LPG industry is well established, but continuously undergoes changes to enhance safety, security, efficiency, and environmental safeguarding. As in any period of change accidents do happen, and therefore it is essential that anyone involved in the LPG industry is aware of the many pitfalls in order to avoid potentially disastrous accidents to workers and the environment.

This course not only provides the opportunity to learn and understand the advanced modus operandi of LPG operations, but also offers a unique opportunity for direct interaction with one of the industry’s most experienced authorities on LPG transportation and measurement. On completion, participants should have a thorough understanding of the core principles.


Who should attend?

Anyone working within the LPG and shipping industry such as owners, operators, brokers, managers, charterers, commodity traders, lawyers and insurers.

There are currently no upcoming dates available.